2009 DR Power Equipment 8.75 Roto-Hog (Manual)

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8.75 Roto-Hog (Manual)
The Easiest-to-Use Tiller Ever.

  • Tows behind all-terrain vehicles, riding mowers, and tractors
  • Breaks ground and turns soil faster and much easier than any walk-behind tiller
  • Powered depth control from your towing vehicle

    The Roto-Hog™ Power Tiller does all the work of breaking and loosening hardpacked soil without the struggle that comes with walk-behind tillers.

    Because you tow it, 100 percent of the engine's power is transferred to 24 steel bolo tines. As the tines spin at over 230 revolutions per miniute, they break and chop hardpacked soil, churning it thoroughly into a soft, loose mix that's ideal for planting.