2015 DR Power Equipment Raven Mower / Generator

Raven Mower / Generator
The Raven is a one-of-a-kind tool that brings versatility to a whole new level. As a 46 inch wide lawn mower, 7,100-watt generator, and a hefty utility vehicle, there is almost no project it can't handle!

The 46 inch mowing deck makes tackling even large yards quick and easy. And with a 14 inch turning radius, the Raven mows right up close to trees, gardens, and other obstacles. Mow at speeds of up to six mph on open areas, and even use the mower's cruise control for added ease and comfort.

When it's time to power your tools at the job site or spark up the comforts of home at hunting camp, the Raven is your most portable power source. The onboard generator produces 7,100 watts of energy, allowing you to simply plug in anything from a table saw to a television.

The Raven's mowing deck removes easily, transforming it into a utility vehicle. With a towing capacity of up to pounds, it's perfect for use with tow-behind tools, for skidding logs, or for hauling cumbersome materials. The Raven allows you to choose between driving using gas power, or switching to electric mode for an ultra-quiet ride. And with travel speeds up to 17 mph, the Raven can get the job done fast!